Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feminism - New way of Love?

So i would like to start with something which is highly present these days across humanly covered area of planet earth. But yet highly confusing. What irks me is the fact that the one who is obliged with the idea of feminism is not cool about others ignoring it. And the one who is not obliged by the same idea is not cool about others preaching it. And hence, the disharmony amongst the gender. If aliens ever come to earth in future, not because of redundant wars, or of drastic climate changes due to humanic sins, or of demeaning political games amongst the mankind, or of heinous crimes like rape, genital mutilation etc, i'm sure aliens will leave with face down by seeing disharmony & hate within humans. So just for the sake of them not leaving i'm writing this.

What is feminism? Who are feminist? What is the agenda? Why there is confusion & redundant arguements about it, mostly between males & females? Where do YOU stand in this engulfing world of feminism? Why Katrina Kaif said Yes to me for a date?
These are the few questions that will be answered in this blog. Well, the last question is of course, a lie. I mean, we are still in talks!

Below are the few definations of Feminism around the world:-

"The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of equality of the sexes"

"The belief that women are & should be treated as potential intellectual equals & social equals to men"

"It is an ideology that seeks total equality in rights for women, usually through improving the status of females. It is rooted in ending mens historical powers over women"

And it goes on. There are lot many definations. So whats common among them is the equality of rights among males & females.
It is highly likely to preceive this phenomenon as a female revolution.
Because females have been oppressed, suppressed from many rights since time immemorial.

So how do we go about it? How do we make changes for females to attain rights equal to mens? Do we need some set of rules to follow? Do we need to change our bias thoughts & actions?

We actually don't know the path. And when we get mis-lead, we start hating the other gender for not understanding or not providing the privileges when feminism is not about the privileges!

I think- Feminism is simply about eradicating gender roles.

What are Gender Roles?

These are the set of roles which are made by the society according to the culture of that place. And hence it becomes the way of expressing our gender. We tend to behave according to these norms because we are the part of that society. We learn them from an early age from our families, religion & culture in general by continuing behaviours that are rewarded & stopping behviours that receive punishment.

Few examples of gender roles-

Men(expected to be):

-tough, controlling, self-confident
-are unorganized, lazy, messy
-cannot cook, sew, take care of kids
-good at maths, better doctors, make more money than women
-better politicians
-Must act 'macho', can be voilent, can drink, smoke heavily etc

Women(expected to be):

-shy, passive, submissive
-are organized & clean
-married at particular age
-a good cook, raise children
-have clean job like teacher, nurse etc
-not good at maths, driving, to make less money then men
-short, slender, fragile in looks

Now few of you might argue that these are small things to think & that it doesn't matter. Or more importantly they are things of the past. Yes, change is already there but to a less extent. The fact remains that these roles prevail in majority. Even the highly educated ones are seen expecting these gender roles from their better halves, from the males & females of the family.

From a very early age we have been given these set of roles to view us & the other gender in this accordance. Society view, infact evaluate, males & females according to these roles. The consequences of these roles may affect the entire core of a human psyche, nobody has thought.

Consequences of Gender role:
Mainly two- Hyperfemininity & Hypermasculanity

Because of a fear they act upon their insecurities by exaggerating the stereotyped behaviour through hyperfemininity or hypermasculanity.

Hyperfemininity is a female exaggerated behaviour of abiding to the gender roles. These women believe they are boosting men's ego & pleasing them by acting too naive, pious, too domestic, too nurturing. Weather this is their true nature or a tactic to please society, hyperfeminine women obliterate their own identities & become clones from the mold that was prepared for them.

While hypermasculanity is a male exaggerated behaviour of abiding to the gender roles. They believe they are supposed to be dominant & in charge to impress other women by being too aggressive, too sexually active, too physically imposed, too violent sometimes, making them a danger to themselves & to society.

There is nothing wrong in this protest. Many people want to break the stereotypes. We see females in majority to this phenomenon. But there are females too who oppose feminism, who oppose to break gender roles simple because they feel "complete" in doing these roles. They have grown a sense of attraction towards masculine or hypermasculine men. And same goes for men. They respect & care about their women who are feminine or hyperfeminine while being gender stereotype. Disharmony & hate comes from imposing your morals over others. Right & wrong must never be told by others but by your own conscience.

Support feminism or not support it, thats for you to decide. Be harmonious & respectful towards any gender & their choices. I love to cook for my wife while shes sipping chilled beer watching her telecast sitting cross legged. If it makes her happy, makes her blush, i can do it time & again. Its all about love in the end.

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